How to Draw A Realistic Tiger

Okay, so now your asking to learn how to do something that’s more advanced. Sorry about the sweet talk on my old post of drawing a realistic tiger, such as saying “This stuff is pretty easy.” It’s time to snap out of the fantasy world of easiness and find your way to the real world of passion. Believe me, I always thought of becoming the best artist within a day. Did that happen? No, of course not. If you want to draw something like a realistic tiger, your putting yourself into a challenge that will pay off. You’ll have the ability to draw a realistic tiger. Finally something to show off to your friends, and this time, your not showing off drawings of stick figures, but a realistic tiger that looks like a realistic tiger. All you got to do is have the desire, and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a realistic tiger. Remember, drawing this tiger would take some time, but you’ll get there soon enough. Just have some faith and you’ll be all set. Alright, enough with the same inspirations, and let’s begin the learning process.

Obviously your here to learn how to draw a realistic tiger, so here’s how you’ll begin. What I do is draw what I see. To help me out a bit, I think of a cat. Thinking more leads to better logic. You need logic for everything, and you’ll need it for art too surprisingly. Now that said, try thinking of a cat with lot’s of whiskers, and the cat has to have stripes. To make this tutorial short, below is a drawing video from YouTube that teaches you how to draw a realistic tiger. Hope it helps.

A recommendation from a commenter on this website has been approved :D

How to Draw A Realistic Tiger

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    Well good news! The old post of how to draw a realistic tiger has been replaced with a new drawing tutorial written by me. Opinions would be nice.


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