How to Draw A Realistic Bear

Let’s learn how to draw the most cruel animal that I know of. Where I live anyway. The bear, also known as a black bear, grizzly bear, polar bear, moon bear, and other stupid types of bear. They may seem cute and cuddly, but they will rip you apart. Look at this bear in the thumbnail. It doesn’t look cute to me. So, how do you draw a bear? Good question! You will need to draw something like an horizontal oval. Why? Because a bear walks horizontal, but if you want to draw a bear standing on it’s hind legs, then draw a vertical oval. Everything in art is made up of shapes. So to learn the rest, by following this¬†awesomely¬†easy lesson on how to draw a realistic bear, step by step. If you take your time, you will be as successful as the artist is who drew the bear in the first place.

How to Draw A Realistic Bear

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